Services A-Z (100)

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Academic Software Support

Request academic software support for university-owned and personal computers.

Access Request

Request access to a Missouri State system or application.

Audio Classrooms/Labs

Services related to the Pro Tools labs (STRO-0112, STRO-0114, STRO-0137) and management of the Avid Pro Tools software in the Advanced Editing Lab (CRAG-0319) or other specialized computer audio installations across the college

Audio/Visual Technology Consultation/Installation

Select this option to submit a request for consultation and/or installation of new audio/visual equipment


Banner Support

Request support or report an error related to Banner systems.

BearPass Card Printing

This is for new and replacement BearPass Card printing in the Open-Access Library Computer Lab.

BearPrint Maintenance and Supply Requests

This is for requesting maintenance or supplies for SCUF-funded/managed printers.

BearPrint Premium

Large-Format and 3D Printing in the Open-Access Library Computer Lab.

BearPrint Refund

For refunds to BearPrint allotments due to printing errors on a SCUF-funded printer.

Branding and Logos

Broadcast Audiovisual Equipment Management and Maintenance

Services related to the media, journalism, and film equipment labs (CRAG-0317, STRO-0111) and the loaning, procuring, and repairing of the department’s broadcast audiovisual equipment

Broadcast Studio Management and Projects

Services related to the installation, maintenance, and in-class support of the Instructional TV Studio and Control Room (STRO-0150, STRO-0151) in the media, journalism, and film department and the specialized computers, broadcast audiovisual equipment, inter-cable network, and infrastructure housed therein


CHPA Server Access for file/printer shares

Request access to the CHPA departmental file shares or request access to the shared network printers.

Class Dashboard Support

Request help with issues related to the Class Dashboard.

Classroom Technical Support

Select this option for general classroom technical support

Clicker Support

Select this option for help with Turning Technologies clickers

COAL Communication, Event, and Marketing

Services related to COAL communication, marketing, and event support, including digital signage, livestreaming, email marketing, newsletters, and web development and maintenance

COAL Computer Equipment Checkout

Services related to computing equipment (e.g. laptop) loan requests.

COAL Online Evaluations

Services related to online evaluations of instructor and course effectiveness in the Reynolds College of Arts and Letters.

COAL Server Administration and Maintenance

Services related to the administration and maintenance of all servers in the College of Arts and Letters

Computer and Software Support

This request is to be used to seek help when anything on a university-owned computer is broken or not working correctly and you need assistance from your IT Support group. It is used to report anything broken involving All-In-One, Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets computers, as well as their operating systems and university-provided applications and software.

Computer Animation Lab and Render Farm

Services related to the Computer Animation Lab (BRK1-0308) and/or the computer animation rendering system managed by the art and design department

Computer Lab Operations


Disposal (Surplus) of University Hardware

Services related to the secure preparation and surplus disposal process of computer hardware

DNS Changes

Full-time University employees may request DNS changes such as aliases and address records.


Email and Calendar Help

For assistance with Office 365 email and calendar issues (desktop/lap, web, or mobile apps).

ESRI Licensing

Use this service to request assistance with licensing ESRI products like ArcGIS.

EvaluationKIT Support

Request assistance or report an error with EvaluationKIT.


Faculty Blackboard Support

Faculty and other users responsible for the management of Blackboard courses may request support.

File servers

Setup and configure file servers

Firewall Exceptions

Request a firewall exception (rule) to allow access through a firewall. For instance to allow a web server to be visible from off campus.


General Help / Questions

If you need help and the Service Catalog or Knowledge Base have not provided a resolution, submit a request for help.

Grant support

Assistance in addressing the IT portion of grant requests.


Hardware and Software Quotes and Purchasing

Services related to the procurement of university computer hardware and (non-Adobe) software.

Help Me - How do I use the self-checkout kiosk or mobile app?

Get information or help with the self checkout kiosk or mobile checkout app.

Help me fix - I am having problems accessing a journal, database, or other electronic resource from the library

Get help accessing online journals, databases, and other resources provided by the Library.

Help Me Fix - I can't access my Libraries Patron Account

Get help accessing your MSU Libraries Patron Account.

Help Me Fix - I can't submit an ILL request or access my previous requests

Get help with accessing the patron ILL system to create new ILL requests or view status on existing requests.


I can't activate my BearPass Account

Problems related to the initial activation of your MSU BearPass Account

I can't login to my BearPass Account

Problems with your account, such as password problems, username problems, login problems, etc.

Incident Reporting

Incomplete Course Enrollment Request

Faculty can request that a student with an Incomplete be added to their current Blackboard course.

Information Access Support

Request support or report an error related to Argos, Bear Intelligence, Bear Finance, or general requests for data and reports.

IP Address Assignment

Full-time University employees may request a DHCP reservation or static IP for their server or other networked equipment.

IT Procurement

Services related to procuring technology hardware and software in the Reynolds College of Arts and Letters.

IT Procurement

Assistance with purchasing IT hardware, software, and services

IT Procurement - Adobe

All services related to the procurement, licensing, and deployment of Adobe software

IT Procurement - Cloud Services

Help related to the procurement, licensing, and deployment of cloud services such as Azure and AWS

IT Procurement - Microsoft Software

Help with the procurement, licensing, and deployment of Microsoft software

IT Training


MCHHS - Electronic Door Access Control (DAC)


MCHHS - New Faculty Onboarding

Getting Access to MCHHS resources

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration service that is part of Microsoft Office 365.

Military Science CAC Card and Army software

Support for CAC cards and various Army software.

MIS Support

General support from the Management Information Systems (MIS) team in Computer Services.

MU School of Medicine

Report IT issues or request IT services for MU School of Medicine.

My Missouri State

Request assistance or report an error with the My Missouri State portal.


Network Support and Requests

Network services offered at MSU.

Networked Printer Support

This request is to be used to seek help when university-owned/leased networked printers and multi-function printers/copiers are not working correctly and you need assistance from your IT Support group.

Networking and Telecommunications: Consulting

Consultation on the installation of new services or determining if a new system will work on the MSU network.

New Employee IT Setup

Supervisors and administrative assistants can request IT services and access for a new employee.

Non-Standard Classroom Software Request

Request specialized software for classroom instructor stations or computer classroom.


Online Evaluations

Getting help with online evaluations using EvaluationKIT


Parts and supplies ordering

Request help with ordering computer parts and accessories

Phone Support and Requests

Voice services offered at MSU.

Professional Student Printing

Services related to the Student Print Shop (BRK1-0305), 3D printing, and all other related printing services in the art and design department

Projector Lamp Replacement

Select this option if you have a projector lamp that has failed or if the projector is indicating a new lamp is required.



Assistance with using the Qualtrics survey web site.

Qualtrics Support

Request Qualtrics help and support


Request a Blackboard Organization or Non-Academic Course Shell

Users may request a shell for a non-academic course or organization.

Request Additional Print Pages

Additional pages can be added to a student's account for a small fee.

Request Departmental/Organizational Mailbox

Request a new departmental or organizational mailbox.

Request Email Forwarding Outside Missouri State

Request to have email forwarded to non-Missouri State email address.

Request Employee Account

New University employees with existing student accounts must request an employee account.

Request Guest Account

Request an MSU account for a non-paid university guest.

Request to Change Email Address

Submit a request to change your email alias.

Residence Life Staff Computer Support

For Residence Life staff who are having general difficulties with work technology resources.

Respondus 4.0 Exam Author Support

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor Support


Setup/Install/Upgrade - Computers and Software

This service request is to be used to seek assistance from your IT Support Group for setup/re-installation/upgrades to university-owned computers, including All-In-One, Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets.

Setup/Install/Upgrade - Networked Printers

This service request is to be used to seek assistance from your IT Support Group for setup/installation/upgrades of university-owned/leased networked printers and multi-function printers/copiers

Sociology/Anthropology Lab Support

Support for specialty software and hardware in the various labs in the Sociology/Anthropology department.

Software License Request - Minitab

Request a Minitab license.

Software License Request - SAS

Request a PC SAS license for academic, non-commercial use.

Software License Request - SPSS

Request an SPSS license, or a renewal license code, for academic, non-commercial use.

Software License Request - Zoom

Request a license for Zoom video conferencing software.

Software Licensing

Services related to the licensing of (non-Adobe) software

Student Blackboard Support

Students may request support for Blackboard.

Suggestion for the Team Dynamix Service Portal

Report and issue or a submit a suggestion for the Service Portal page, Service Catalog, or Knowledge Base.


VPN Support

Request help with VPN/Remote Access.


Web Sites

Assistance with creating, editing, and deleting web sites.

Website Creation, Support, and Access

Wireless - Home Device Access

Home Device Access is designed for connecting home-class devices with limited access.

Wireless - Open Access

Open Access appears in limited locations and is designed for prospective students and their families.

Wireless - Sponsored Access

Sponsored Access is available only for guests of the university who have full-time MSU employees to sponsor their activities and access.

Wireless - University Access

Access to the MSU and MSU Residential networks are intended for students, faculty and staff.

Wireless Expansion

Details on wireless expansion such as how much it costs and how to request coverage in your area.

Wireless Support

Support for University wireless networks.


Zoom Support

Select this option for support with Zoom video conferencing.