Purchasing University Hardware


The information below is to assist campus faculty and staff when purchasing university computer hardware.

Op8.16 Procurement Procedures

All requisitions or payment requests for purchases of new hardware and software are required to be reviewed, approved, and documented by the Office of Information Services. Documentation must be submitted with the requisition payment request.

Purchasing Campus-Standard Hardware

The majority of IT purchases are for campus-standard devices. Campus standards are based on what is required for day-to-day productivity, establishing licensing agreements with vendors, and volume purchasing to reduce costs.

Steps to purchasing Campus-Standard hardware

  1. Request Budget Buy for pre-approved campus-standard hardware purchase.

The following have been approved for purchase by the Office of Information Service and are available for purchase via budget transfer. See Campus Standard Devices and Specifications for details on each of these items.

  • Laptops
  • All-In-One PCs  
  • Desktops
  • iMacs, MacBooks
  • iPads (limited use cases)
  • Monitors
  • Laptop Docks
  • UPS battery surge-protectors

Purchasing Non-Standard (Custom) Hardware

It is understood that non-standard or specialized devices may be required for some departments or campus users. When requesting non-standard hardware, please include the reason this system is required and why a standard system will not suffice.

Steps to purchasing Non-Standard (Custom) hardware

  1. Request Quote
  2. Complete Information Services Request for Non-Standard Hardware Form
  3. Complete Procurement/Requisition Process
  4. Complete Computer Setup/Install Request once computer arrives


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Procurement Services

Policy Library - Procurement Service


This service is available to all university Faculty or Staff.



There is no charge to request or use this service but there may be costs for the purchase of requested equipment.

Request Campus Standard Hardware Request Non-Standard Hardware

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