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Services or Offerings?
Request academic software support for university-owned and personal computers.

Request access to a Missouri State system or application.

Services related to the Pro Tools labs (STRO-0112, STRO-0114, STRO-0137) and management of the Avid Pro Tools software in the Advanced Editing Lab (CRAG-0319) or other specialized computer audio installations across the college

Select this option to submit a request for consultation and/or installation of new audio/visual equipment

Request support or report an error related to Banner systems.

This is for new and replacement BearPass Card printing in the Open-Access Library Computer Lab.

This is for requesting maintenance or supplies for SCUF-funded/managed printers.

Large-Format and 3D Printing in the Open-Access Library Computer Lab.

For refunds to BearPrint allotments due to printing errors on a SCUF-funded printer.

Services related to the media, journalism, and film equipment labs (CRAG-0317, STRO-0111) and the loaning, procuring, and repairing of the department’s broadcast audiovisual equipment

Services related to the installation, maintenance, and in-class support of the Instructional TV Studio and Control Room (STRO-0150, STRO-0151) in the media, journalism, and film department and the specialized computers, broadcast audiovisual equipment, inter-cable network, and infrastructure housed therein

Request access to the CHPA departmental file shares or request access to the shared network printers.

Request help with issues related to the Class Dashboard.

Select this option for general classroom technical support