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Zoom is available through Missouri State Outreach by completing the appropriate Request License form. MSU has two kinds of Zoom accounts, Basic and License. Basic accounts are free. License accounts are paid for by the cost center/departments. Please note, it is not necessary to have a Zoom account in order to join and participate in meetings. An account is only needed if you wish to host your own meetings.


Any Missouri State student, staff, or faculty member can be issued a basic account. Licenses are prioritized for teaching and direct student and faculty support. Additional licenses may be issued for core administrative purposes.


Zoom Basic accounts are free. Cost centers pay for Zoom Licensed accounts. 


Request Zoom Basic Account Request Zoom Licensed Account

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Software License Request - Zoom Basic Account
Request a Zoom Basic account for Zoom video conferencing software.
Software License Request - Zoom Licensed Account
Request a Zoom Licensed account for Zoom video conferencing software.