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Services or Offerings?
Assistance with creating, editing, and deleting web sites.

Select this option for support with Zoom video conferencing.

Assistance with using the Qualtrics survey web site.

Request a license for Zoom video conferencing software.

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office.

For assistance with Office 365 email and calendar issues (desktop/lap, web, or mobile apps).

Services related to COAL communication, marketing, and event support, including digital signage, livestreaming, email marketing, newsletters, and web development and maintenance

Request a firewall exception (rule) to allow access through a firewall. For instance to allow a web server to be visible from off campus.

Get help accessing online journals, databases, and other resources provided by the Library.

Network services offered at MSU.

Request support or report an error related to Argos, Bear Intelligence, Bear Finance, or general requests for data and reports.