Networking and Telecommunications: Consulting

The Networking and Telecommunications department will happily assist in any way possible to meet the needs of the University.  Here are some expamples of areas that we will assist:

New Software or Computer Systems

Prior to purchasing any new system that requires network connectivity, we recommend consulting with us to verify that it will work on the MSU network. We will be able to tell you what, if any, additional services will need to be purchased and how to purchase them.  Too often departments come to us with expectations that we will "make it work" when we have to tell them that it will not work on our campus or that it will be expensive. For larger projects we will be happy to review RFP responses or get involved in the RFP process as well.

Network and Wireless Expansion

For new network jacks or phones to be installed in buildings that already have these services, we usually don't need to consult and the standard fees will apply.  For larger projects or wireless expansion we will consult with the customer to determine their needs and provide a quote to provide the needed services.

New Buildings and Construction Projects

Networking and Telecommunication should be involved early with new buildings and larger construction projects where their services are required.  We can assist in making sure that the architect plans have everything that we need to provide requested services.  Some examples of items we will look for and can help with:

  • Data jack locations
  • Phone locations
  • Area of Rescue
  • Video surveilance
  • Wireless coverage
  • Electronic door access
  • Locations for network and other equipment that are within distance limitations to the areas they serve
  • Cable pathways


Consulting services are for full-time faculty and staff.


There is no cost for consulting and getting a quote for services.  The cost of the services provided will vary.

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