IP Address Assignment


DHCP reservations and static IP addresses are available for servers and networked devices. For more information about DHCP and IP addresses refer to the Knowledge Base article. The list below gives a brief description of options for assigning IP address in priority order:

  1. Dynamic DHCP Lease - This is the default option for getting an IP address and is preferred over all other options. Access to the networked device can be made by connecting to the name of the device as provided to the DHCP server.  For example a printer can be accessed via its hostname such as NPI301A6B.missouristate.edu.
  2. DHCP Reservation - If the device doesn't supply a hostname or the client application doesn't support DNS, then a DHCP reservation can be used. Like a dynamic lease, the device will receive network information from the DHCP server such as subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers and the hostname (if provided) will be updated in DNS. The DHCP server will always assign the same IP to the device based on the device's MAC address which needs to be provided when requesting the reservation.
  3. Static IP - If the network device doesn't support DHCP, then statically (manually) hard coding the IP address is the only option.  The MAC address is not needed for this request, but if DNS resolution is desired, then a hostname will need to be provided. Once assigned, you will be given the IP address, the subnet mask and the default gateway.

With either a DHCP reservation or a static IP, it is important to know which subnet or VLAN the request is for.  There are a number of ways to identify the correct subnet. The easiest is to identify another computer on the same subnet and provide that in the request. If that is not available then provide the location of the device and we can work with you to determine the correct subnet.


DHCP reservations are available for full-time faculty and staff.


There is no cost for this service.

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