Custom & Vendor Software Support (MIS)


Use this service to request support for centrally-managed vendor software and custom University applications from Management Information Systems (MIS) in Computer Services. MIS oversees a diverse range of applications and software that are vital to University operations, and the MIS team is dedicated to meeting the University's technology needs by developing custom software, exploring third-party products, and enhancing the effectiveness of existing software.

Some of the applications and systems that fall under the responsibility of the MIS team include:

  • Custom applications, such as:
    •   BearPass Card Management
    •   Who/What
    •   Key Request
    •   Annual Development Plan (ADP)
    •   Course Credit Fee Waiver request system
    •   Chosen Name
  • Management of third-party vendor software, including:
    •   Admin Banner
    •   BDM
    •   Argos
    •   AppMan
    •   Dynamic Forms
Please Note: This icon is displayed on all custom applications developed by MIS staff  designed by Computer Services icon

If you require assistance with any of the above applications, please click the Request Help button on this page, and a technician will get in touch with you. To learn which systems analyst or application developer is responsible for a particular process, software, or application, you may review the MIS Application Assignments list (current users only).

Need Access? For new or updated account access to any of the mentioned applications or systems, please submit an Access Requestinstead of a MIS Support request.


All Missouri State students, faculty, and staff are able to request this service.


There is no charge to request or use this service.

Request Help

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