How to Check Your Fee Waiver Balance

This page displays Current Benefits, any fee waiver requests pending approval, as well as those that have been applied. Also at the very bottom of the page it is a listing of any Recipients you currently have in the system. Follow the steps below to check your Fee Waiver balance.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Check Your Fee Waiver Balance

  1. Login to My Missouri State.
  2. Navigate to the main menu at the top left of the page and select the Discover option.
    My Missouri State main menu icon represented by three horizontal bars
  3. Search for the "Fee Waiver Benefits" card.
  4. Click the Credit Fee Waiver Request link to access the Fee Waiver system.
  5. Click Current Balance.
    Click the link to access your current balance.
  6. An overview of your current balance will include Current Benefits, Pending Approval and Soon to Apply, Applied, and Recipients.
    1. Current Benefits:  displays an overview of the available benefits.
    2. Pending Approval and Soon to Apply:  displays pending or soon to be applied requests.
    3. Applied:  displays any benefits that have been processed or applied. 
    4. Recipients:  displays all of the recipients you have loaded/created in the system.


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