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Learn how to log into and use the Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) system on My Missouri State.
Guide to submitting a new Credit Course Fee Waivers for yourself or your dependents.
Guide to adding or removing recipients from a Course Fee waiver.
Frequently asked questions about course fees and waivers.
Information about online and mailed applications and how to complete them.
Information about banner page naming conventions.
Step-by-step guide to entering student and term information and adding advisors in Banner.
Keyboard shortcut quick reference for Admin Banner.
Step-by-step guide to granting overrides in Admin Banner.
Learn how to access and use My Learning Connection to sign up for professional development classes.
Learn how to browse, search, and register for training in My Learning Connection.
Step-by-step guide to using the Blackboard Grade Center download for faculty grade entry.
Step-by-step guide to importing grade rosters in faculty grade center.
Guide to entering grades in Faculty Grade Entry.
Guide to reviewing existing proposals in the Curricular Action Workflow.