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Frequently asked questions about course fees and waivers.
Guide to submitting a new Credit Course Fee Waivers for yourself or your dependents.
Links to the current payroll calendars for part time staff, student employees, nonexempt staff, and exempt staff.
Information about entering and approving Banner time sheets and leave reports.
Guide to checking your Fee Waiver balance in My Missouri State.
Guide to adding or removing recipients from a Course Fee waiver.
Guide to reviewing requests in My Missouri State.
Information about supported and recommended scanners for BDM.
Answers to BDMS FAQs.
Information about BDMS document disposal.
Content owners and leads.
Information about how to print in My Missouri State.
Guide to reviewing existing proposals in the Curricular Action Workflow.
Information about Interactive and Thin Client Viewer in web access.
Helpful hints when using web access.