How to Access and Use My Learning Connection

You can complete your compliance training and register for a variety of professional development classes using My Learning Connection. Read on to learn how to access this service and register for classes.

Step-by-Step Guide

Accessing My Learning Connection

  1. Log into My Missouri State.
  2. Click the Student tab if you are a student. Faculty/Staff should go to the Profile tab.
  3. Students will locate the My Employment channel while faculty/staff will locate the Professional Development channel and then select My Learning Connection.
    Screenshot of My Employment module Professional Development channel in My My Missouri Profile section

Registering for Classes in My Learning Connection

  1. You will see this menu once you are logged into My Learning Connection:
    My Learning Connection Home page button menu
  2. You can search for classes in several ways.
    1. Click the Browse for Training link in the Learning menu on the Home page.
      Learning menu showing the Browse for Training link
    2. You can also view all upcoming events on a calendar by selecting the Events Calendar link in the Learning menu or the Event Calendar icon on the My Learning Connection homepage.
      Event Calendar button on Home page
  3. If you browse for training, you can look through classes offered in different categories, such as the Newest classes, and classes by SubjectType, Date Range, and Location.
  4. Select a class by clicking on its name. Then, depending on the type of class, you can either Request registration for a free class or select Add to Cart for a paid class.
    Please Note: Some classes have multiple dates to choose from, so you can select one or multiple dates for the class.
  5. Once you select Request on a free online class you will be taken to your transcript to register for the class or view the training details. Classes that have online content and do not hold a seated class will let you Launch the training after you register. 
  6. Free seated classes do not require further registration after selecting Request. You will be taken to your transcript and have the option to view the training details.
  7. For paid classes, once you select Add to Cart you will be taken to your cart. You can either Continue Shopping for more classes or Proceed to Checkout if you’re done.
    Screenshot of Shopping Cart on My Learning Connection


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