How to Complete Compliance Training

Follow the steps below to complete the Mandatory Employee Compliance Training.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to register and complete compliance training 

  1. Navigate to My Learning Connection from within your My Missouri State portal. Read more about how to access My Learning Connection.
  2. Select the My Transcript icon on your Home page. Often, your compliance training will already be listed there and ready for you to complete.
    My Transcript button link on the Home page
  3. If you don't see the training on your transcript, return to the Home page and select the Compliance Training button on your Home page. You will be redirected to a list of all available compliance training.

    Please Note: The compliance training required of all employees is the Mandatory Employee Compliance Training - for New Hires and 3 Year Renewal.​​​​​​​Browse for Training page sorted by Most Recent 
  4. Click on the course you need, and the training details page will open.
  5. Click Open Curriculum to begin.
    Mandatory Employee Compliance Training launch page
  6. Click Activate and then Launch next to each module to complete the training. 
    Mandatory Employee Compliance Training curriculum page

    Training launch button
  7. A video will appear below the training title or the training will launch in a new browser menu. Follow the prompts to complete the module.
    Please Note: If you see a message about a pop-up being blocked, click Allow. If this doesn't work, try turning off your pop-up blockers and launching the training again.
  8. After you complete the training, click Sign for the training you just completed.
  9. You will be redirected to the Training Details page, and at the bottom, you will see your name and signature in the Acknowledgement Completion section. Click Sign beside your name.
    Training Details signature page
  10. You can now view and print your certificate for the module from the top right of the page by clicking the PDF button.
  11. Once you have completed the entire course, you can view your completion on your transcript. Go to Learning > View Your Transcript.
    Learning menu
Please Note: You can always access your certificate in your Transcript. If you are trying to access your certificate later, you will need to sort your Transcript by 'Completed' to be able to view the completed training and certificate. 


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