How to Enter Grades in Faculty Grade Entry

If at any point you have questions during the grading process, you are welcome to contact the Office of the Registrar: 417-836-5520 or

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Step-by-Step Guide

How to Enter Grades in Faculty Grade Entry

Please Note:  You will only have access to assign grades to students enrolled in the classes for which you are the instructor of record.
  1. Log into My Missouri State and search for the Grading card. 
  2. Click the Submit Grades link.Grading Card
  3. Make sure the appropriate grading tab (Midterm Grades or Final Grades) is selected. 
    Select the Final Grades tab.
    Please Note: The Faculty Grade Entry system will default to the Final Grades tab. If this is a midterm grading cycle, you will need to click on the Midterm Grades tab in order to begin grading.
  4. Click on the course to begin grading.

  5. To assign a grade for each student in the list, select the grade from the drop down menu or type in the grade.
    Please Note:  
    If you assign a grade of 'F' you MUST do one the following:
         a. If the student never attended class, enter the first day of the class by clicking on the Last Attend Date field and select the date from the calendar
             icon, then enter 0 in the hours attended field.  
         b. If the student attended part of the semester then quit attending and has not returned, enter the date of last attendance in the Last Attend Date
             field. If you do not know the exact date, provide your best estimate. If the class is an online class, check to see when the student last submitted an
             assignment, used the discussion board, or emailed.  If none of these records can be found, it can be assumed that the student never attended.
         c. If the student finished the class, enter the last date of your class in the Last Attend Date field.
             Last attended date field example.
  6. When the grades have been entered, click Save at the bottom of the page. After saving, the notification window in the upper right-hand corner will warn you when there is an error to check.
    Sample confirmation message.
  7. Log out of the system.  


How to Enter Grades in Faculty Grade Entry


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