How to Review Request (Departments)

After students submit requests, they will be sent to the Athletic Achievement Center and International Services for review.  The request will then be sent to The Office of the Registrar for processing.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log into My Missouri State and click on “Workflow.” Click on the link to open more details.
  2. In the “My Worklist” channel are the requests waiting to be processed.
  3. You have the option to approve or deny the request.  Click on the appropriate radio button.
  4. If you are denying the request, enter a note.  The note will appear on the denial email to the student.
  5. Click Complete.
  6. If approved, the request will be sent to the Office of the Registrar to complete the drop.  An email will then be sent to the student when the drop is complete.

Requesting a Proxy

An individual in the "workflow" chain can assign another person to act on their behalf and make decisions for them.  This can be done for short periods like vacations, or indefinitely.

To request another person to act as your proxy, email  Please provide the proxy’s:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • BearPass number
  • Workflow name for which s/he will be working (i.e. “Drop with a Hold”)
  • End date of proxy status or indefinitely


To make changes to another proxy or to remove the proxy access, email


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