Banner Page Naming Conventions

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Every page in Banner has an abbreviated 7-character page name.  Most of the time, pages are referred to by this 7-character page name.

Position 1 

Identifies the Banner product owning the page, report, process, or table.

Position one codes


Position 2

Identifies the application module owning the page, report, process or table.  It is also unique to the product identified in Position 1. 

Advancement (A)

advancement A codes

Financial Aid  (R)

financial aid codes

HR/Payroll (P) and Position Control (N)

HR/Payroll and position control codes

Finance (F)

finance codes

General (G)

general codes

Student (S)

student codes

Accounts Receivable (T)

accounts receivable codes


Position 3

Identifies the type of report, process or table and codes are the same for all Products.

position 3 codes


Positions 4, 5, 6 and 7

Identifies a unique four-character code for the page, report, process or table.

positions 4, 5, 6 and 7 codes



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