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Instructions for navigating and customizing your My Missouri State dashboard.
Step-by-step guide to giving a parent or guardian access to pay bills through My Missouri State.
Learn how to log into and use the Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) system on My Missouri State.
Student guide to dropping classes with a registration hold.
Guide to submitting a new Credit Course Fee Waivers for yourself or your dependents.
Step-by-step guide to accessing class lists and navigating the class list page.
This guide will walk you through the process of adding money to your account balance within My Missouri State.
Guide to using the Trial Schedule Building to lay out your class schedule and plan breaks in your day.
Step-by-step guide to finding, printing, and saving your 1098-T form.
Step-by-step guide to granting overrides in My Missouri State.
Guide to checking your Fee Waiver balance in My Missouri State.
Guide to adding or removing recipients from a Course Fee waiver.
Students and faculty can use this article to learn about iGrade instructor evaluations.
Find out what books you need for your upcoming semester courses.
Information about how to view your registration status and your earliest possible registration date and time.