How to Grant Overrides in My Missouri State as an Instructor of a Course

Use this guide if you are an instructor and need to grant a student an override to get into one of your courses.  Learn how to find cards in My Missouri State here: Searching for Cards and Links

Please Note: If you are a dean, department head, or administrative staff,  you will grant overrides via Admin Banner. 

Step-by-Step Guide

How to grant overrides in My Missouri State as an Instructor of a Course

  1. Log in to My Missouri State and search for the Faculty & Advisor Resources card.
  2. Click on the Student Information Menu link.Faculty & Advisor Resources Card
  3. Select Registration Overrides
    Student information Menu page with registration overrides link highlighted
  4. Select the correct Term and click Submit.
    Select term drop down menu
  5. Enter the Student’s BearPass number and click Submit.
    Student and Advisee ID selection page
  6. Select the Instructor Only Override you wish to grant and corresponding course you wish to grant the override for. Click Submit
    Registration overrides drop down menus
  7. Review information and submit again.  The override will now be saved to the student’s record. 
    Registration overrides page with submit button highlighted


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