How to Build a Trial Schedule

The Trial Schedule Builder is a useful tool for laying out your class schedule and planning breaks in your day. Learn how to find cards in My Missouri State here: Searching for Cards and Links

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Build a Trial Schedule

  1. Log in to My Missouri State and search for the Registration card.
  2. Click the Trial Schedule Builder link.Registration Card
  3. You'll be re-directed to the Term Selection Screen. Select the applicable term and click Save And Continue.
    Term Selection Screen
  4. From here, you will be directed to the main Trial Schedule Page with numerous options to choose from.
    Trial schedule page
  5. To begin picking classes for your trial schedule, click Add Course.
    Add course button

  6. On the Add Course Page, you can search for classes By Subject, Course Attribute, or Section Attribute. By Subject is the most common method.
  7. In the Add Course dialog box, use the Subject and Course drop-down menus to select the courses you'd like to arrange in your schedule, and the Add Course button to apply them.
  8. After selecting the courses you'd like to take, you can add some built in breaks to your days with the Add Break option.
    Add Break button
  9. Back on the main screen, click Generate Schedules, and then the blue View button to view each Trial Schedule.
    Main screen with generate schedules and view buttons

    Sample schedule
  10. Once you have chosen the schedule that you want, click Send To Shopping Cart.
    Send to shopping cart button

  11. You will be taken to the Add or Drop Classes page.  Select your registration Term and click Continue.
    Schedule planner registration cart page
  12. Click on the Plans tab. 

Plans Tab

  1. Click the +Add All button to send your courses to the summary panel

Register for Classes Page

  1. Click Submit to register for your classes.

Register for Classes Page

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