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Information about Office 365 Education subscription at Missouri State University.
This guide will walk you through the process of adding money to your account balance within My Missouri State.
Information and instructions for accessing your Office 365 Education account for the first time.
Instructions for how to find your account Activation Code.
Troubleshooting topics related to accounts and access issues.
Instructions for creating your Missouri State account and password.
Brief summary of account lockout policy and steps to getting accounts unlocked.
Learn how to find your BearPass number online.
Guide to understanding Zoom account types.
How to change your Missouri State BearPass Password, which is used to log in to campus computers, My Missouri State, Blackboard, and your Missouri State Office 365 account.
How to update your chosen name in Missouri State systems that do not require a legal name.
Guide to updating a stored password in iOS.
Guide to requesting an account change from West Plains to Springfield campus.
How to use your Office 365 account to reset your BearPass password or unlock your account.