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Information about your University accounts and their uses.
This guide will walk you through the process of adding money to your account balance within My Missouri State.
Learn how to find your BearPass number online.
Information and instructions for accessing your Office 365 Education account and email for the first time.
How to change your Missouri State BearPass Password, which is used to log in to campus computers, My Missouri State, Blackboard, and your Missouri State Office 365 account.
Guide to using the Trial Schedule Building to lay out your class schedule and plan breaks in your day.
How to use your Office 365 account to reset your BearPass password or unlock your account.
Information about how to view your registration status and your earliest possible registration date and time.
Information about Office 365 Education subscription at Missouri State University.
How to update your chosen name in Missouri State systems that do not require a legal name.
How to find your confirmation code to create and access your account.
Instructions for how to find your account Activation Code.
How to create a directory for your personal website through CAMS.
Account Setup and Blackboard/Wireless information for students that are/had been Greenwood students.
Troubleshooting topics related to accounts and access issues.