Account Types and Uses

Missouri State University has a robust technology environment, and with that comes different types of accounts that can be used for accessing our systems. Below, you will find an explanation for each of the common account types and their terminology.

BearPass Number (M-Number)

A BearPass Number (commonly called an M-Number) is the first thing you receive as a newly admitted student or as a new employee for the University. This number begins with the letter "M" and is followed by 8 numbers, for example: M00001234.

For most University students, faculty, and staff the BearPass Number can be found printed on your BearPass Card, which serves as your University ID and allows meal plan charges and purchases made against your Bursar account. Learn where to find your BearPass Number.

When to Use Your BearPass Number

The BearPass number is primarily used to identify you in University records. However, you will sometimes be asked to provide your BearPass Number when interacting with University systems and departments. Below are some common uses of the BearPass Number:

  • When activating your Missouri State account for the first time
  • When contacting the Computer Services Help Desk 
  • When communicating with your academic advisor (students)
  • When using or accessing your University Bursar account, such as when paying tuition or charging items from the Bookstore or Magers Pharmacy.
  • When communicating with Human Resources (faculty/staff)
  • When communicating with Student Employment (students)
  • When filling out University forms

BearPass Account

A BearPass Account is available to anyone who has ever been a Missouri State University student, current faculty and staff, dual credit instructors, and other University affiliates. A BearPass Account is required to use University technologies and resources.

A BearPass Account consists of a BearPass Login and a BearPass Password.

BearPass Login

The BearPass Login is a unique username that is used to sign in to University systems and applications. You might see the BearPass Login referred to as a BearPass ID or BearPass username, and BearPass Login is sometimes abbreviated as BPL. Your BearPass Login will be short and consist of both letters and numbers, and you will often see abc123 used as an example to indicate that you should use your BearPass Login to sign in. If you do not remember your BearPass Login, you can request help from the Computer Services Help Desk.

BearPass Password

The BearPass Password is used in conjunction with the BearPass Login to sign in to University systems and applications. You should choose a password that is unique, complex, and not one that you have ever used before. Your BearPass Password should only be used for your BearPass Account and no other online accounts. If you do not remember your password or you are locked out of your account, you can request help from the Computer Services Help Desk.

Your BearPass Password must be at least 12 characters in length and will be case sensitive if capital letters are used.

Your BearPass Password CANNOT contain the following:

  • Your BearPass Login
  • Your MSU email address
  • Your first or last name
  • Your birth date
  • Your address
  • Any other personal information

When to Use your BearPass Account

You will be prompted to sign in with your BearPass Login and Password for many University systems and applications. Below are some common uses of your BearPass Account:

  • When logging into the My Missouri State (or My Grizzly Den for West Plains) web portal. These portals allow you to register for classes, enter or view grades, access your Bursar account, view and update your personal information, and much more.
  • When logging into Blackboard, the University's Learning Management System.
  • When logging into a campus computer, such as in the Open-Access Computer Labs.
  • When logging in to use campus wireless networks.
Never reveal your BearPass Password to anyone — this includes the Computer Services Help Desk and other IT staff. You will never be asked for your password in any University communications or interactions with University staff. You should only enter your BearPass Password on official University websites and computer systems.

Office 365 Account (Email Account)

The University licenses Office 365 for Education from Microsoft, and every student, faculty, and staff member is assigned an Office 365 account. This account provides access to your University email as well as many other applications within the Office 365 suite. You might also see this account referred to as your Active Directory or Azure AD Account.

Your Office 365 Account refers to your account as a whole; you have both an Office 365 Login and an email address. Your email address is separate from your Office 365 Login.

Office 365 Login

In order to keep your Office 365 Account and your email secure, the University uses a separate Office 365 Login to access your Office 365 Account and email. Your Office 365 Login is NOT your email address. The Office 365 Login consists of your BearPass Login followed by a domain name, and you will use your BearPass Password to sign in.

Depending on when your account was created, your Office 365 Login could be in any of the following formats:

  • (faculty/staff with accounts prior to December 11, 2019)

  • (students with accounts prior to December 11, 2019)

  • (new faculty/staff/students after December 11, 2019)

Learn how to log in to your Office 365 Account.

Email Address

Your University email address is what people will use to send you email, and this email address is what you should provide to people who want to send you email. You do not use your email address to sign in to your email or any other University system; it is only used to send and receive email communications.

The first half of your email address is a unique identifier known as your Email Alias; this is usually your BearPass Login or some version of your name. The second half of your email address (everything after the @) is the domain. If you would like to customize your Email Alias, you may do so here: Request an Email Alias.

Your email address will appear as follows, based on when your account was created:

  • (new students after December 11, 2019 and all faculty/staff)
  • (students with accounts prior to December 11, 2019)

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