About Your Missouri State Login Account

A Missouri State Account is necessary for accessing our systems.

You may see some old terminology when referencing your Missouri State Account. Below is a chart to explain the different elements that make up your Missouri State Login Account, and when you will use them.

Find your Missouri State Account Information at MissouriState.edu/Account.
BearPass Number  M-Number 

Office 365 Login
Email Login

Missouri State Account 

BearPass ID
BearPass Login
Login ID
Private ID

   Missouri State Account ID

BearPass Password
Office 365 Password
Missouri State Account Password  XXXXXXXX 

Office 365 Email
University Email

Missouri State Email



Your M-Number is the first thing you receive as a newly admitted student or as a new employee for the University. This number begins with the letter "M" and is followed by 8 numbers, for example: M00001234.

The M-Number is primarily used to identify you in University records. However, you will sometimes be asked to provide your M-Number when interacting with University systems and departments. Below are some common uses of the M-Number:

  • When activating your Missouri State account for the first time
  • When contacting the Computer Services Help Desk 
  • When communicating with your academic advisor (students)
  • When using or accessing your University Bursar account, such as when paying tuition or charging items from the Bookstore or Magers Pharmacy.
  • When communicating with Human Resources (faculty/staff)
  • When communicating with Student Employment (students)
  • When filling out University forms

Missouri State Account and Account ID

A Missouri State Account is available to anyone who has ever been a Missouri State University student, current faculty and staff, dual credit instructors, and other University affiliates. The University licenses Microsoft 365 for Education to provide access to your University email, My Missouri State portal, as well as many other applications.

Depending on when your account was created, your Missouri State Account could be in any of the following formats:

  • AccountID@Login.MissouriState.edu

  • AccountID@Live.MissouriState.edu

  • AccountID@MissouriState.edu

Account ID

Your Account ID is the first part of the Missouri State Account (everything before the @). Your Account ID will be short and consist of both letters and numbers. This is sometimes used instead of your full Missouri State Account to sign in to University systems and applications, and you may see abc123 used as an example to indicate that you should use your Account ID to sign in.

Missouri State Password

Your Missouri State Account password should only be used for your university access and no other online accounts. You should choose a password that is unique, complex, and not one that you have ever used before.

See Missouri State Account Password Requirements for password complexities as well as additional password practices to create a strong password and keep your account secure.

Note: Never reveal your Missouri State Password to anyone — this includes the Computer Services Help Desk and other IT staff. You will never be asked for your password in any University communications or interactions with University staff. You should only enter your Missouri State Password on official University websites and computer systems.

Missouri State Email

Your primary Missouri State Email will initially match your AccountID@MissouriState.edu. If you prefer an email address that includes part of your name, you may request a new primary email address for others to use to contact you. This is called an 'email alias'. Email sent to either your initial Missouri State Email, or any email alias you create, will go to the current primary email account inbox. Request a different e-mail address

Your email address will appear as follows, based on when your account was created:

  • EmailAlias@MissouriState.edu (new students after December 11, 2019 and all faculty/staff)
  • EmailAlias@Live.MissouriState.edu (students with accounts prior to December 11, 2019)

When to Use your Missouri State Email Address

Your University email address is what people will use to send you email, and this email address is what you should provide to people who want to send you email. You do not use your email address to sign in to your email or any other University system; it is only used to send and receive email communications.

Your Account Security Information

To help protect your Missouri State log in account, the University utilizes Microsoft's multi-factor authentication and self-service password reset services. Setting up your account security and recovery options is an important step to making sure your account is secure and that you are able to get back into your account when you need to -- without having to contact the Computer Services Help Desk. 

Note: To avoid log in pitfalls, it is important to keep three Account Security options current - The Microsoft Authenticator App, a phone number, and a non-Missouri State email address.  See How to Set Up Your Account Security Information.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication means that you will be required to provide both your password and a second authentication method to sign in to most Missouri State services, including your Missouri State Email and the My Missouri State portal. This second method can be done by answering a phone call, or entering a code sent by text, or by using the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Self-Service Password Reset

Self-Service Password Reset means that when you have forgotten your password, or are locked out of your account, the system will send you a code to get back into your account quickly and securely without needing to contact the Help Desk.


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