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A guide about how to install Microsoft Office on your personal devices.
How to troubleshoot office 365 Education for students
Troubleshooting Common Office 365 Education Mobile Email Issues
How to trouble shoot common office 365 education Email Issues
How to troubleshoot common issues in outlook Desktop App
Information and instructions for accessing your Office 365 Education account for the first time.
This guide is for all faculty, staff, and student users to access their Office 365 Education account from the web portal. The portal gives you access to all of the Microsoft web apps included with our Office 365 Education subscription.
Setting up Office 365 Education Email on windows mobile device
Setting up Office 365 Education on an android device
Use this guide to add or share a department calendar with staff in Outlook.
Installing and setting up Office365 mail on Windows Mail
Installing and setting up outlook for windows desktop
A guide on how to navigate the shared mailboxes feature in Office 365.
If you need to send a contact group to another person, you can use this guide to export the contacts as a .pst file, then they can import it for use.
A guide on how to share a room calendar with staff on Outlook