How to Set Your Out of Office Reply in Office 365 Education

To set your "Out of Office" reply for your Office 365 mailbox, follow the steps below.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Set Your Out of Office Reply in Office 365 Education

  1. First, sign in to Office 365 and select Outlook.
    Outlook icon
  2. After your mailbox opens, click on the gear icon for Settings in the top right corner. 
    settings gear
  3. In the search box type in Automatic replies, or click All Outlook settings at the bottom of the pane and then select Automatic replies.
    automatic replies search

    view all outlook settings link

    automatic replies link
  4. Select Turn on automatic replies
    automatic replies options
  5. If you only want to turn on automatic replies for a specific time period, such as while you are on vacation, select Send replies only during a period and choose the start and end date/time for your automatic reply.
    Set up Automatic Replies
  6. Enter the text for your automatic reply in the text box. You can also choose to send the automatic reply to users outside of the Missouri State network or just to your contact list.
    auto reply message text box
  7. If you choose to send your automatic reply to external senders, you may enter a different message for those recipients. 
  8. Click Save at the top of the page when you are done making changes. Your automatic reply settings have been saved.


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