How to Set Up Self-Service Password Reset and Account Unlock (SSPR)

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) allows users to reset their own password and unlock their account without contacting the Computer Services Help Desk.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Set Up your Self-Service Recovery Options

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in with your Office 365 Account. This is your BearPass Login followed by the Missouri State domain you were assigned after creating your account, and you will use your regular BearPass password:

    1. (faculty/staff with accounts prior to December 11, 2019)

    2. (students with accounts prior to December 11, 2019)

    3. (new faculty/staff/students after December 11, 2019)

  3. If your account already has SSPR enabled, but you haven't set up your options yet, you will see this prompt before you are taken to the recovery options setup:
    More information required prompt

  4. If SSPR has not been enabled for your account yet, but you would like to set up your recovery options anyway, you will be taken to the Security info page. Select Add method to set up your first recovery option.
    Security info page with the Add method button higlighted

    Please Note: Setting up recovery options will not enable SSPR on your account. You will need to request that SSPR be enabled on your account after you have set up your recovery options.
  5. Select the first recovery option that you want to set up.
    Add a method prompt showing all options

  6. The Microsoft Authenticator app is the recommended option; you can download it from the app store on your mobile device. Click Next once you've downloaded the app. For more information about setting up and using this app, see How to Set Up the Microsoft Authenticator App.
    Microsoft Authenticator "start by getting the app" prompt

  7. Once you've downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator app, click Next. Keep this webpage open.
    Microsoft Authenticator Set up your account prompt

  8. Within the Microsoft Authenticator app select Add Account Work or school account.
    Authenticator Work or school account option as shown on an iPhone

  9. The QR scanner will open, use it to capture the QR code that appears on the Keep your account secure page.
    Scan the QR code prompt

  10. Now that the app has been configured, the site will ask you to test it to verify that the app is connected to your account.
    Let's try it out prompt

  11. It will send a push notification to your Microsoft Authenticator app; select Approve within the app to proceed.
    Approve the notification within authenticator as shown on an iPhone

  12. The Microsoft Authenticator app is configured and verified. Select Next to add your second verification option.
    Notification approved success message page

  13. A second recovery option is required for SSPR. Select Add method again to choose your second option. A phone number is recommended, but you can also use a non-Missouri State email address.

  14. To set up the phone option, enter a phone number where you can be reliably contacted. A cell phone number is recommended, but you can use an office phone number if desired. However, if you need to reset your password or unlock your account, you will need to be in your office to use the phone verification option. 

    • Select text me to receive a 6-digit code via SMS to verify your phone number. Enter the code on the webpage to proceed.
    • Select call me to receive an automated call to verify your phone number. You will be prompted to select the pound (#) key during the call and this will automatically verify your phone number.

      Phone setup page

  15. After verifying your phone number, select Next.

  16. You have successfully set up two verification options. Click Done to finish signing in to your Office 365 account.
    Success message showing the two verification methods

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