How to Activate Your Account

In order to access University resources, you need a Missouri State account. As a new student or employee at Missouri State University, an account has been created for you. All you need to do is activate your account to receive your BearPass Login and set up your password. The BearPass Login and Password allow you to log in to My Missouri State. From there, you can access your Office 365 email, Blackboard, bursar account, and a variety of other services. To activate your account, you will need your BearPass Number (M-Number) and Activation Code. If you do not know your BearPass Number, please see How to Find your BearPass Number. If you do not know your Activation Code, please see How to Get Your Activation Code.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Account Management page.
  2. Select the Activate a new account option or the Activate Account link under Self-Service Options.
    Account Management Home page

  3. Enter your BearPass Number (M-Number).
    BearPass Number text box

  4. Enter your Activation Code.
    Activation Code text box

    Please Note: If you don't know your Activation Code, you can select the check box next to I don't know my Activation Code and the code will be emailed to the address we have on file for you. If you do not have an email address on file, see How to Get Your Activation Code for more information.

    I don't know my activation code checkbox

  5. Click Submit.
  6. You will see your new BearPass Login listed at the top of the page. This will typically be your initials followed by 1-4 numbers, and it will have an "s" at the end if you are a student or an "e" if you are an employee. This will be your username for a variety of University systems.
    Your new BearPass Login
  7. Enter and confirm a Recovery Email Address. This cannot be a Missouri State email address.
    Setup Recovery Email Address
  8. Create and confirm an Account Password. The password must be at least 12 characters in length and will be case sensitive if capital letters are used.
    In addition, the password may not contain any personally identifying information such as parts of your name, birthday, address etc.

  9. Your account has been created successfully. You will receive an email confirming your account was successfully activated. Your new email address will be, if you would like to select a custom email address see the instructions for How to Request an Email Alias.
    Account activated successfully


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