How to Check Registration Status

Find out how to check your registration eligibility on My Missouri State.

Learn how to find cards in My Missouri State here: Searching for Cards and Links

Step-by-Step Guide

Check Registration Status

  1. Log in to My Missouri State and search for the Registration card
  2. Click the Registration Status link.Registration Card
  3. If the term shown is not the term you want to view, click Select New Term at the top of the page.
    Registration Status page showing the Select New Term button
  4. View each line of the Registration Status page to check your eligibility for registration. Green checkmarks indicate that you are eligible; maroon 'X' marks indicate a block and yellow exclamation points indicate a warning of a future registration block.
    showing green check mark or red x
  5. You can also view any holds you may have on your registration on this page. In the example below, there is a financial hold preventing registration.
    Holds area of the Registration Status page

Earliest Registration Date

To see the earliest day and time that you can register for classes, view the Registration Status page and look for the Earliest registration date and time link under your advisor's name.

Basic information module showing earliest registration date and time


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