How to Access your Faculty Class Lists

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Follow the steps below to access a faculty class list.

Step-by-Step Guide

Accessing your Class List

  1. Log into My Missouri State and search for the Faculty Schedule & Assignments card.
  2. Click on the Class Dashboard link.
    Faculty Schedule & Assignments Card
  3. On the Class Dashboard, choose the term. Select 'Class List' from the Option drop-down, and then select 'View My Classes'. Class Dashboard Page
  4. Click Submit Search. Once you've submitted, you will see a list of your classes.
    Class list
  5.  You can click either the CRN, Course/Section, or Title links to access your class list. The class information page will show.
    Class information page


Overview of the Class List page

  1. View different courses by clicking the arrow to the right of the class.
    Class list with arrow to the right of a class
  2. A list will populate. You can scroll through or search for a certain section.
    Class section list
  3. View the basic catalog information for the selected class by clicking on the title, and more detailed information about the class section by clicking the CRN.
    Course information with CRN highlighted
    1. Basic catalog information.
      Course details page
    2. Detailed information.
      Detailed class information page
  4. To the right of the Course Information, Enrollment Counts for the selected section can be viewed.
    Course enrollment counts
  5. In the Summary View box, you can view your Class List (Roster) and the students on the Wait List for your course by clicking on your desired list.
    Summary view box with class list and wait list buttons
  6. The class list will be displayed below the course information, sorted by the last names of students by default.


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