Articles about how to download, install, and troubleshoot software.

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Articles about Adobe software usage and purchasing.

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Anti-Virus Software Information

Anti-Virus Information

How to Fix the Spinning Cursor in Windows 10

Guide to troubleshooting a spinning cursor in Windows 10.

How to Get Mathmatica Software

Student and faculty links to Mathematica software.

How to Get Microsoft Software and Operating Systems for Home Computers

How students, faculty, and staff can get Microsoft software and operating systems for their home computers.

How to Install Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio 2016/2019 From Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

This Article describes how students can download and get a key for copies of Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio 2016 and 2019 through Microsoft's Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

How to Install Office 365 Education (ProPlus)

This article describes how to access the Office 365 ProPlus Installer, the system requirements for Office 365 ProPlus, and how to perform the installation on a variety of device types and operating systems

How to Install or Uninstall an Application with Software Center

This guide explains how to both install as well as uninstall applications using Software Center and System Center Configuration Manager

How to Install SAS for PC

Guide to installing SAS for PC.

How to Install SPSS (Authorized User Licensing)

Guide to downloading and installing SPSS for those with Authorized User licenses on Windows and Mac.

How to Unistall or Remove Applications in Windows

Guide to unistalling software in Windows.


Information about how to access and use iMovie on campus.

Quicktime Plug-in is Missing in OS X

Guide to enabling Quicktime Plug-in on Mac OS X in your browser.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Office

Guide to repairing Microsoft Office programs if an error should occur.