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This guide is for all faculty, staff, and student users to access their Office 365 Education account from the web portal. The portal gives you access to all of the Microsoft web apps included with our Office 365 Education subscription.
How to change your Missouri State BearPass Password, which is used to log in to campus computers, My Missouri State, Blackboard, and your Missouri State Office 365 account.
Information about your University accounts and their uses.
Step-by-step guide to installing Respondus LockDown Browser on Windows or Mac.
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Instructions for creating your Missouri State account and password.
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This article describes how to access the Office 365 ProPlus Installer, the system requirements for Office 365 ProPlus, and how to perform the installation on a variety of device types and operating systems
Information and instructions for accessing your Office 365 Education account and email for the first time.
Guide to sharing PowerPoint slides in Blackboard Collaborate
How-to guide for setting up and logging in to accounts enabled with MFA, as well as providing rationale of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) usage.
How to use your Office 365 account to reset your BearPass password or unlock your account.
How to log in and use the Avaya Softphone to make and receive calls from your Windows machine.
Information about Missouri State University's centralized academic and administrative records system.
This How-To-Article explains how to connect to the MSU Wireless Network.
Guide to connecting to a Missouri State network resource from off campus using a Windows device.
Missouri State University utilizes the Blackboard Learn learning management system along with various online resources for a robust learning experience. In order to be successful in your courses, we suggest these minimum computer specifications.
Step-by-step guide to printing multiple pages per sheet.
Guide to using Respondus LockDown Browser with Chromebooks.
Learn how to find your BearPass number online.
Student guide to using Zoom.
A guide about how to install Microsoft Office on your personal devices.