Budget Buy Hardware Purchasing Guide

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Budget Buy Procedure

Devices available for purchase

Request Forms: Purchase, Setup, Surplus


Policy Op8.16 Procurement Procedures 
“All requisitions or payment requests for purchases of new hardware and software are required to be reviewed, approved, and documented by the Office of Information Services. Documentation must be submitted with the requisition payment request.” 



The Budget Buy program is how departments can obtain pre-approved campus-standard hardware, new-in-box with full warranty, without ordering, shipping, and setup delays.  

The purpose of the Budget Buy program is two-fold: 1) Provide a straightforward process for departments to obtain the best new equipment possible, as quickly as possible, and 2) reduce maintenance and labor costs associated with non-standard hardware and inefficient processes.  

Budget Buy Procedure 

All hardware purchase requests, approvals, and communications are tracked in the IT Service Portal.  

  • Department reviews the list of available campus standard devices. 
  • Department submits form to request new hardware purchase 
  • Computer Services sends invoice to Budget Approver for approval. 
  • Budget Approver approves the request. 
  • Computer Services prepares the device and schedules setup and installation. 
  • Computer Services processes the budget transfer from the Department to Computer Services. 

Devices available for purchase

Most departmental IT purchases are for campus-standard devices. Campus standards are based on what is required for day-to-day productivity, established licensing agreements with vendors, and volume purchasing to reduce costs.  

The following campus-standard devices have been pre-approved by the Office of Information Service when purchased through the Budget Buy program via budget transfer.  Device specifications can be found here: Article - Campus Standard Devices and Specifications.

  • All-In-One PC
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Monitors
  • iMacs, MacBooks 
  • iPads (limited use cases)  
  • Laptop Docks 
  • UPS battery surge-protectors 

Request Forms: Purchase, Setup, Surplus 

Request a new hardware purchase 

Request a device setup for a new employee 

Request a current device recommissioned for another employee 

Request a device wiped for surplus 


Who can request a Budget Buy purchase? 

  • Any department staff or faculty member can submit a request. 

Who can approve a Budget Buy purchase?  

  • We must have written approval from a departmental budget approver before we begin preparing the device.  

Who processes device setup? 

  • Computer Services will schedule device setup, installation, or pick up appointment with the department once approval is received.  

What is the typical setup time for a Budget Buy device? 

  • Budget Buy devices are typically in stock and available much sooner than the requisition process for a custom device. We strive to have your device ready for use within 5-10 business days.  

How do I know which device will work for our needs?  

  • Budget Buy devices are selected by Computer Services to provide the best day-to-day productivity for most campus needs.  

What if the Budget Buy options don’t work for our department, for instance I need more RAM and a larger-sized laptop screen.  

  • You can put in a request to purchase non-standard hardware and include the reason campus standard devices will not work for your use case. These requests will need to be approved by Information Services and then ordered through the requisition process.  

What software is included? 

  • All Budget Buy devices will run Windows 11. Standard installation includes the latest Microsoft Office, web browsers, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and VPN client (laptops only). Additional needed software may be installed upon request.  

Who processes the budget transfer for the transaction?  

  • Computer Services processes the budget transfer transactions in bulk once per month. 

Why do campus standard devices cost so much when I can find cheaper options? 

  • Campus standard devices have current hardware that has been tested and will support Windows 11, a 5 year warranty, security features, and a legal version of the operating system. 

What if I have a computer or tablet I bought from Amazon or the MSU Bookstore? 

  • Computers purchased from retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, or the MSU Bookstore without going through Computer Services, may not be used on campus networks for university business and will not be supported by centralized IT Staff. 

Are there any low-cost options? 

  • Our campus contract has negotiated the lowest prices for devices that meet university productivity and security standards. iPads are the lowest cost campus standard option, but will work for limited use cases. Once you put in your request, we’ll work with you to determine if an iPad will meet your needs.  



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