Popular Services

Problems with your account, such as password problems, username problems, login problems, etc.

If you need help and the Service Catalog or Knowledge Base have not provided a resolution, submit a request for help.

Services related to the procurement of university computer hardware.

For assistance with Office 365 email and calendar issues (desktop/lap, web, or mobile apps).

This request is to be used to seek help when anything on a university-owned computer is broken or not working correctly and you need assistance from your IT Support group. It is used to report anything broken involving All-In-One, Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets computers, as well as their operating systems and university-provided applications and software.

All services related to the procurement, licensing, and deployment of Adobe software

Students may request support for Learning Management System issues.

Request a license for Camtasia video recording software.

Request access to a Missouri State system or application.

This is for requesting maintenance or supplies for BearPrint printers.

Request an Adobe software license transfer from user or device.

Faculty and other users responsible for the management of LMS courses may request support.

Services related to the secure preparation and surplus disposal process of computer hardware

Request a refund to printing allotments due to printing errors on a BearPrint printer.

Charge additional BearPrint printing to your BearBucks account

Request help with VPN/Remote Access.

Request assistance or report an error with the My Missouri State portal.

Services related to the procurement of university computer software.

Support for University wireless networks.

Request additional print pages to print to residence hall front desks printers.

Request a license for Zoom video conferencing software.

Supervisors and administrative assistants can request IT services and access for a new employee.

Stream Classic is being retired. The new version, called Stream (on SharePoint), requires your videos to be migrated by an IT admin.

Use this ticket to request your Stream migration.

Get support from the Management Information Systems (MIS) team in Computer Services for Banner products, custom applications, data reporting, and more.

This service request is to be used to seek assistance from your IT Support Group for setup/re-installation/upgrades to university-owned computers, including All-In-One, Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets.