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Setting Up Communications in Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys

This guide will help Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT) users to create communications that will be sent to students, instructors, and administrators in regard to evaluations. ... can be customized for your project as you need. Step-by-Step Guide How to Set Up Communications in Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys Please Note: The Start Date for each first block

How to Update Stored Credentials in Windows Credential Manager

Guide to updating a stored password in Windows Credential Manager. ... Use this guide to update your password for your account in Windows Credential Manager. Step-by-Step Guide To open Credential Manager, type credential manager in the search box on the taskbar

Online Storage Options for University Students/Faculty/Staff

Guide to online file storage for Missouri State students, faculty and staff. ... office365 ... provided by Microsoft that allows you to upload existing files, create files in the Office 365 Web Applications, and share files with other users. All full-time faculty and staff members and currently

How to Connect Your Windows or Mac Computer to a Network Printer

This guide explains how to add printers to Windows or MAC devices. ... How to Connect Your Mac to a Network Printer Open System Preferences and click Print & Scan.   Click the + button to add a new printer. Make sure the lock below is set to open

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. ... Overview SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office, and SharePoint Online is included with our Office 365 Education subscription. If you need help with

How to Connect your Mac Computer to the Residence Hall Front Desk Printer

Step-by-Step guide to adding residence hall front desk printers on your Mac computer. ... computers. This guide will show how to connect to the Residence Life print server and connect to the desired printer on your personal Mac computer. Step-by-Step Guide On your Mac, go to

Outlook Online Calendar

How to setup and use the Outlook Online Calendar ... office365 ... layout will look unfamiliar if you are used to using Outlook, but many of the same features are available in the online application. How to Access Calendars in Office 365 How to Access Your

How to Get Microsoft Software and Operating Systems for Home Computers

How students, faculty, and staff can get Microsoft software and operating systems for their home computers. ... office ... To get Microsoft software and operating systems for your home computer, sign in to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. Students may be required to follow prompts to verify their student status. Purchase

Getting Started with Banner

of September 24, 2019, all Admin Banner users will be required to use multi-factor authentication (MFA). For more information and the steps for setting up your MFA options, see How to Set Up Multi

Microsoft SharePoint

A brief introduction to Microsoft SharePoint and its features ... office365 ... integrated with our Microsoft 365 Education subscription. Microsoft Teams utilize SharePoint Online without the need for users to manage an actual SharePoint site. The SharePoint app simply serves as an

Best Practices for Securely Storing University Data

Guide to storing or sharing certain types of private, restricted or highly restricted information. ... office365 ... existing university servers or the secure Clementine server. Office 365 - OneDrive for Business refers to your individual, work-provided OneDrive for Business account and any Office 365 Group

Welcome, New Grizzlies!

complete access to all of the Office 365 apps online. Check out all of the Office 365 apps at For more information, visit our Office 365 Education articles in the knowledge

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration service that is part of Microsoft Office 365. ... Overview Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration service that is part of Microsoft Office 365. If you need help with Microsoft Teams, click Request Help.   Eligibility All

Migrate Stream Videos

Stream Classic is being retired. The new version, called Stream (on SharePoint), requires your videos to be migrated by an IT admin. Use this ticket to request your Stream migration. ... (on SharePoint) is using videos like any other files directly in Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Stream (on SharePoint) is the application for finding, enhancing, playing, and recording videos in Microsoft 365.  Stream (on SharePoint) and familiar with how it works.

Greenwood Parent PIN for Making CashNet Payments

Since Greenwood is K-12, not all of the children are old enough to log in to the Portal and set up a Parent PIN.  That is why the Bursar has made special arrangements for Greenwood parents. Parents