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Microsoft Stream is a video-streaming service where people in the Missouri State University network can securely upload, view, organize and share videos. Stream can be used by people who are interested in using videos in the workplace to connect, collaborate, learn and share information. You can share videos within an organization or with a specific person or people, watch and share videos from your mobile device, and start and attend live-streaming events.

One of the most useful features of Microsoft Stream is the auto-captions generated for each video, and you can fully edit and customize these captions to create a video transcript.

Available to

Microsoft Stream is available for free to all current students and current full-time employees as part of the Microsoft 365 suite.


  • Upload video or audio files to SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive just like any other file.

  • Generate a transcript and closed captions for the language spoken in a video in SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive.

  • Manually add chapters, letting a viewer jump right to the part of the audio/video file they want.

  • Collaborate with comments, just like with any other Microsoft 365 document.

  • Share videos with others, including external partners or guests, just like you share any other file.

  • Feature videos in pages, sites, portals, and Microsoft Teams.

  • Get analytics to know how your viewers are watching.

Training and Resources

Microsoft Stream help & learning

Learn more about Stream (on SharePoint)

Upload your first video

View, edit, and manage video transcripts and captions

Organize your videos with groups and channels

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