Requesting a Brightspace Source Course, Sandbox, or Community Site

Brightspace shells for non-academic courses (meaning courses into which students will not be enrolled), can be requested through our custom interface. Each type of shell has the same features available, but they will show up on different tabs in Brightspace to differentiate the purpose of the course. 


You will find the link to the Course Request page on the Brightspace main navigation bar, under the Manage Courses heading. You can will be asked to provide the Course title and the Class type. No information is added to the Course title, so you will want to name it exactly how you want to see it named in Brightspace. 

NOTE: Academic course sections will be created automatically and combined within Brightspace, no request is needed. Spring 2024 academic course sections will be available in Brightspace shortly after Thanksgiving Break and instructors will receive communication at that time. 


Source Course:

This is the replacement for master courses in Blackboard. This should be the repository for all your course materials for a given course offering and then copies can be made each semester from your source course into your live section. 

Sandbox Course:

This course type is to allow you to experiment with new tools or features in Brightspace. All instructor users should already have access to one sandbox course, but you may choose to request additional sandbox courses. 


This course type is for academic support needs such as advising groups, or student organizations. 


Adding Users:

By default, the request process will add you as an instructor to the course you create. 

In future, we will allow you to add additional users to these course types using this interface, but at this time that is not yet possible. We will update this article as we have additional features available in this platform. 



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