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How to Email Your Class for Faculty

These instructions will guide you through the process of emailing your entire class. There are three methods that you can use to accomplish this task. ... .   Click on the Email icon, located on the right side of your list, to email your entire class in a specific course or section. References Refer to How to Email from Your Faculty

How to Add or Change Advisors in Admin Banner

Step-by-step guide to entering student and term information and adding advisors in Banner. ... Learn how to find cards in My Missouri State here: Searching for Cards and Links More than one advisor can be listed, but only one advisor should be checked under the Primary Indicator. Only the

How to Find the MAC Address for your Device

How to find the MAC address on your device ... unable to provide a list of how to find the MAC address for every device. If your device is unlisted, we recommend looking up the device, or contacting the device manufacturer. If you need assistance

How to Add a Resource Scheduling or Room Calendar in Outlook

A guide on how to share a room calendar with staff on Outlook ... Use this guide to add or share a room calendar with staff in Outlook desktop app. Step-by-Step Guide How to Add a Resource Scheduling From the top of the screen, click Open Calendar

How to Use the Argos Web Viewer

export to CSV, click on the gear icon and choose Export All to CSV. If the DataBlock designer set up this list box so that you can select multiple rows using the Shift or Control keys and you have

How to Submit an Article for the Knowledge Base

Guide for submitting an article to the Knowledge Base for unlicensed users. ... The Knowledge Base offers an extensive set of articles to Missouri State users on a variety of technology-related topics. If your department would like to submit an article for consideration, please

How to Add a BearPrint Printer on Your Linux Computer

This guide details how to add a BearPrint printer on a Linux computer. ... to. We recommend typing something about which computer lab printer you are setting up. Once you are finished, click Apply.    You have now finished setting up the printer and may close any

How to Manage a Group Management List

. It can take up to 1 hour or more to sync the permissions to the resource once someone is added to the membership list, depending on how busy systems are. So if there is an error when attempting to

How to Connect to Special VPN Group

This How-To-Article explains how to connect to the VPN network as member of an assigned special VPN group. ... these steps to connect to your assigned VPN group. To log into VPN special group, open the Cisco AnyConnect application. You can do this by navigating to the Windows Start Menu and searching

How to Create a Missouri State Spotlight

. Otherwise, select the name of the spotlight you wish to edit. The filters on this page allow you to set some basic information on how the spotlight will be used. Type will designate whether

How to Import Grade Rosters in Faculty Grade Entry

Step-by-step guide to importing grade rosters in faculty grade center. ... Office of the Registrar (417-836-5520). Learn how to find cards in My Missouri State here: Searching for Cards and Links Step-by-Step Guide Exporting Your Grade Roster from Blackboard Grade

How to Upgrade to Windows 11 Through Software Center

windows-updates ... This article will show users on Local AD machines how to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 through Software Center. Please Note: You should not use your computer during this process. The

How to Add and Remove Holds in Admin Banner

Ste-by-step guide to searching for a student on SOAHOLD and finding the student by using their name and in the Person Search, and removing or adding a hold. ... students by this name, a dialog box will pop up.   Click the Person Search Detail button to see the list of students with this name.     Using the detailed information provided, find the

How to Use Blackboard Grade Center Download for Faculty Grade Entry

Step-by-step guide to using the Blackboard Grade Center download for faculty grade entry. ... Faculty can use a download of the Blackboard Grade Center to upload grades into the Faculty Grade Entry application in Banner. However, specific data elements, or Excel columns, are needed to

How to Enter Grades in Faculty Grade Entry

Guide to entering grades in Faculty Grade Entry. ... If at any point you have questions during the grading process, you are welcome to contact the Office of the Registrar: 417-836-5520 or  Learn how to find cards in My