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How to Install the PaperCut Client on Windows

Guide on how to install the PaperCut (BearPrint) client for Windows ... available to students as well as the BEARPRINT-PS1, MANATEE, WALRUS, and CATFISH print servers. In order to print to these printers, you must first install the BearPrint client. Step-by-Step Guide How

How to Add Departmental Mailboxes in Outlook Desktop Application

How to set up a shared departmental mailbox in Outlook ... office365 ... departmental mailbox will need to add you to the group of users before you can use it. You can then add the shared department mailbox. Step-by-Step Guide How to add the mailbox as a new account

How to Scan in the Open-Access Labs

two in the Cheek Open-Access Computer Lab. If you need to scan over sized documents, try the scanning stations of the Meyer Library.  Step-by-Step Guide How to Scan in the Open-Access Labs

How to Use Encrypted Email

This guide shows how to send and receive encrypted emails with outlook ... office365 ... To ensure that sensitive information sent by email is only accessible by the appropriate party, you should use the email encryption technology supplied by the University. Step-by-Step Guide How

How to Change Your Alumni Account Password

A guide for alumni and other non-current users on how to change your University Account Password (abc123). ... password. This can be done by following the below instructions. Changing your BearPass Password Using your Security Questions If you set up security questions, you may choose to change your

How to Print Multiple Powerpoint Slides Per Page

Step-by-step guide to printing multiple PowerPoint slides per page. ... This guide will help you set up your power point slides to fit multiple sides per page to make it easier for note taking and to save paper.  Please Note: These guides were made to work in

How to Change Your Missouri State Account Password

How to change your Missouri State Account Password. ... forgot my password option and click Next. Choose the first method for how you would like to verify your identity. The options you see will be based on the verification methods you set up on your

How to Complete Compliance Training

Step-by-step guide to registering and completing compliance training. ... Follow the steps below to complete the Mandatory Employee Compliance Training. Step-by-Step Guide How to register and complete compliance training  Navigate to My Learning Connection from

How to Edit a Missouri State Spotlight

desired spotlight. - The filters on this page allow you to set some basic information on how the spotlight will be used. - Type will designate whether the individual is an alumni, donor, faculty

How to Connect to Streeme TV on RoKu/Amazon Fire TV

Instructions on how to watch Philo on TV with a RoKu/Amazon Fire TV devices. ... and password. You are now logged in to watch TV. References:; To request help related to this article, please Contact ResNet.

How to Connect Amazon Echo to MSU HomeDevice Network

Instructions on how to connect Amazon Echo to MSU HomeDevice Network. ... .  Please Note: Your Echo Dot must have been used previously before connecting to MSU Home Device. If you are attempting to connect a brand new Amazon Echo device to the network, please set it up on

How to Request Your Official Transcript Through Parchment

Information about the process required to request official transcripts through parchment. ... Organization, or another Individual Mailing Official Transcripts Pick-up Official Transcript at the Office of the Registrar Step-by-Step Guide How to Request Your Official Transcript Through

How to Install SAS for PC

Guide to installing SAS for PC. ... How to Install SAS Submit a SAS License Request at the Team Dynamix IT Service Portal. The request will be reviewed manually and your Team Dynamix ticket will be updated when this is

How to Add a BearPrint Printer on Your Apple Computer

This guide details how to add a BearPrint printer to a Mac OS X device. ... . How to Setup the PaperCut Client on Mac Devices   How to Add a BearPrint Printer on Your Apple Computer Open Access Computer Lab Printers Step-by-Step Guide   How to Add a

How to Access My Learning Connection

Learn how to access and use My Learning Connection to sign up for professional development classes. ... You can complete your compliance training and register for a variety of professional development classes using My Learning Connection. Read on to learn how to access this service and register for