How to Add and Remove Holds in Admin Banner

Step-by-Step Guide

Searching for a Student on SOAHOLD

  1. Log in to Admin Banner
  2. Type SOAHOLD in the Search... field
    Banner search bard
  3. In the ID field, type the student's BearPass Number. 
  4. If you do not know the BearPass Number, there are different ways to search for a student:

Find the Student by Typing in the Student's Name

  1. With your cursor in the ID field hit the tab key and a name field will appear.  Type the student's last name comma first name and hit the tab key again.  
  2. If there is only one student by this name, their BearPass number will be populated in the ID field.  
  3. If there are multiple students by this name, a dialog box will pop up.  
  4. Click the Person Search Detail button to see the list of students with this name.  
    Peerson Search Detail button
  5. Using the detailed information provided, find the correct student and double click on their name.

Find the Student Using the Person Search

  1. Click on the ellipse button next to the ID field.  
    Ellipse button next to the ID field
  2. In the dialog box select Person Search.
    Person  search link

  3. In the Add Another Field... dropdown, select Last Name.
  4. Type the student's last name in the blank field.
  5. In the next Add another Field... dropdown, select First Name.
  6. Type the student's first name in the blank field.
  7. Click Go
    Person search page

  8. Press the F8 key to execute your query or click Go.
  9. The results of your search will be displayed.
  10. Click on the name of the student you are looking for and click Select to return to SOAHOLD.
    Select buton

Removing a Hold

  1. Once you have selected your student in SOAHOLD following the instructions above, click the Go button.
  2. Select the hold that you wish to remove by clicking on it with your mouse.
  3. Click the Delete button
    Delete button
  4. Click the Save button or hit the F10 key on your keyboard to save your changes.
  5. To go to the next student, either click the Start Over button or hit the F5 key on your keyboard.
    Start over button

Adding a Hold

  1. Once you have selected your student, either click Go or hit the Alt Page Down buttons on your keyboard.
  2. In the Hold Type field, enter the hold code you wish to add to the student's record.
    1. If you do not remember the code, click on the ellipse button next to the hold type field.
      Ellipse button next to the hold type field
    2. A list of hold codes and descriptions will appear.
    3. Click the hold code you wish to add and click the OK button.
      hold codes
  3. In the Reason field, type the reason for the hold.
    Please Note: This field has character limitations and will be visible to the student.
  4. In the origination code field, type the same code that you entered in the Hold Type field, then hit tab.  This should populate contact information for your office.
  5. Click the Save button or F10 key on your keyboard to save.
    Save button

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