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Remote Desktop Connection (Mac)

Guide for using Remote Desktop connection to access your work PC from a Mac computer. ... A remote desktop connection allows users to access a remote computer virtually from another computer. This is helpful when you are working from home or away from your office. The instructions below

How to Install Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio From Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

This Article describes how students can download and get a key for copies of Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio through Microsoft's Azure Dev Tools for Teaching ...  course will have access to this software. If you find you do not have access to it, please ensure the course is currently in progress. Please ensure you have the same version of Office365

Disposal (Surplus) of University Hardware - Hard Drive Removal / Sanitation

Services related to the secure preparation and surplus disposal process of computer hardware ... with a sticker as Approved for Surplus. Complete Surplus Request form to schedule Property Control to pick up device from your office.  Eligibility This service is available to all university

Installation Instructions for Java

Step-by-Step Guide How to Update Your Java Installation Before users can install AppMan PROD, they will need to first uninstall previous versions of Java on their device and install OpenJDK

Copying a Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys Project

This article provides a walk-through of copying a Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT) project to start a new set of course evaluations. ... Properties How to Load Courses How to Setup Communications How to Add Targeted Surveys (iGrade) How to Configure Reporting Final Checklist before Deploying   To request help related to this article, please see our Service Catalog.

Computer Requirements for Students

In order to be successful in your courses, we suggest these minimum computer specifications. ... updates PRODUCTIVITY Microsoft Office 365  Free for enrolled Missouri State students PERMISSIONS Sufficient permissions

Admin Banner - Customize Personal Settings

Step-by-step guide to customizing personal settings in Admin Banner. ... Step-by-Step Guide How to Customize Personal Settings Click your username at the bottom of the left navigation bar.   Choose Personal Settings.   You will see a pop-up

Request Email Forwarding Outside Missouri State

Request to have email forwarded to non-Missouri State email address. ... Overview This service is for Dual-Credit and Per-Course Faculty to request that their Missouri State email be forwarded to a work email address outside Missouri State.   Eligibility Only

Request Departmental/Organizational Mailbox

Overview If you need a new departmental, organizational, or otherwise shared mailbox created, click the Request Help button.   Eligibility All Missouri State students, faculty, and staff are able to request this service.   Cost There is no charge to request or use this service.

Writing Content for Web

Review best practices for writing engaging web content. Discover tools available to help with spell and link checking. ... reminder. You will receive notifications at set intervals to remind you to review dated content and update as needed. Avoid spelling errors and broken links Omni has a built in tool, the page checker

Admin Banner - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked Admin Banner questions. ... Retrieve When will I be trained? The teams responsible for training will contact your department to set up a training time that fits your needs along with the needs of the implementation

Degree Works User's Guides

information about how to access and use Degree Works. Degree Works Authentication Error When accessing the Degree Audit through My Missouri State, an error may occur that prevents access. The error

Final Checklist for Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys

This guide will show you what steps need to be taken to ensure Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT) projects are set up completely.  Step-by-Step Guide Under the

Troubleshooting General Wireless Issues

A troubleshooting guide that contains common problems that can occur when connecting to the wireless network. ... ). 2. Try forgetting/removing the network you are trying to connect to and setting it up again. Problem - Expired or Corrupted Credentials My credentials aren't working. Solutions

How to Edit a User's Role

the settings of a separate user requires you to have administrator access (role) for that blog. Step-by-Step Guide How to Edit a User's Role Log into your blog's WordPress Dashboard