BearPrint Annual Student Printing Allotment

The BearPrint printing management system, adopted in May 2010, allows SCUF-funded printing to be managed more efficiently while conserving resources and providing students with more printing options.

About BearPrint Annual Allotment

  • Each student receives a printing allotment of $60.00 per academic year.
  • A standard 8.5” x 11” page printed in black and white is $0.05, even when duplexed (double-sided).
  • Color printing costs $0.75 per page. There is no discount for duplexing.
  • Printing in University labs and classrooms is provided for academic purposes and covered by the University’s Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Print from mobile devices using Web Print

Check Your BearPrint Balance

There are several ways for you to keep track of your printing allotment balance:

  • Client software showing your remaining printing allotment is installed in most facilities providing SCUF-funded printing.
  • In My Missouri State, go to the My Account category to view the BearPrint card. Select Check Balance and log in to view your printing history and balance on your printing allotment.
  • BearPrint sends an email notification when your quota is reached or if a print job is denied.

Tips to Save Paper

  • The key to saving paper is to not print your file unless it is necessary. If there is a way for you to view it online or on a portable computing device (laptop, smartphone, etc), you are encouraged to do so.
  • Make sure you print double-sided. Duplex printing is available in all Open-Access Computer Labs. Instructions are available in the Knowledge Base.
  • Print multiple PowerPoint slides on each page. Instructions are available in the Knowledge Base.
  • Many programs allow you to print multiple pages per sheet. This is normally used for review purposes. Instructions are available in the Knowledge Base.

Request Additional BearPrint Printing

If your annual BearPrint allotment is depleted, additional printing can be charged to your Bear Bucks account. Just bring your BearPass Card to the lab attendant in the Library 105 Open-Access Computer Lab, or use the Additional BearPrint request form to start your request.


BearPrint Premium (Large Format Printing)

Printing for Residence Life students


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