How to Print from Web Print

Web Print is a driver-less printing service from PaperCut which enables users to print by uploading documents through a web browser. It provides a simple way of printing from user owned devices such as personal laptops, mobiles, iPad etc. without having to install printer drivers and managing server authentication. With Web Print, users are authenticated when they log into the PaperCut NG end-user web interface. Any documents they upload can then be tracked against their user name. Users have access to the standard selection of features normally available for on-campus printing, including access to shared accounts.

Please follow the steps below to print using Web Print to the printers in the Open Access Computer Labs

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Print from Web Print on the Springfield Campus

  1. Go to the link
  2. Log in using your Bear Pass log in and Password.
  3. Select the option Web Print on the left hand corner of the screen.

    PaperCut Window with WebPrint highlighted
  4. Click Submit a Job to upload a document for printing

    Web Print Window with Submit a Job highlighted

  5. PaperCut will automatically generate a list of the printers that are available. 

    Example List of Available Printers

  6. Select the printer you wish to print to and then select the option Print Options and Account Selection.

    Select Printer Window with Print Options and Account Selection button highlighted

  7. Under the heading 'Options', select the number of copies you wish to print, then check the box, charge to my personal account, and select upload documents.
  8. Select the files either by dragging and dropping them in the box or by using the option 'upload from computer.' Multiple files can be uploaded at the same time. Finally select the option Upload & Complete once your files have been uploaded.

  9. A confirmation message is displayed at the top of the screen once your document has been submitted and the print progress status can be checked in the box below.

    Confirmation Message and Status Window highlighted

  10. The number of the pages printed and the cost of the print job along with the status can be checked in the table below. Your PaperCut allotment will be automatically charged. 

    Pages, Cost, and Status windows highlighted

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