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Services or Offerings?
New University employees with existing student accounts must request an employee account.

Getting Access to MCHHS resources

Full-time University employees may request DNS changes such as aliases and address records.

Consultation on the installation of new services or determining if a new system will work on the MSU network.

This is for new and replacement BearPass Card printing in the Open-Access Library Computer Lab.

Request a new departmental or organizational mailbox.

Sponsored Access is available only for guests of the university who have full-time MSU employees to sponsor their activities and access.

Full-time University employees may request a DHCP reservation or static IP for their server or other networked equipment.

Select this option if you have a projector lamp that has failed or if the projector is indicating a new lamp is required.

Select this option to submit a request for consultation and/or installation of new audio/visual equipment

Get help with accessing the patron ILL system to create new ILL requests or view status on existing requests.

Request an MSU account for a non-paid university guest.

Voice services offered at MSU.

Network services offered at MSU.

Request access to a Missouri State system or application.