Adobe Software Cumulative Licensing Program

If you are needing Adobe software for work from home or would rather assign the software per user rather than by computer, you will want to purchase an Adobe VIP Named-User license subscription. Please contact the Help Desk at 6-5891 or by email at for a quote.

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If you purchase the upgrade with the license this will authorize you to any new versions of the software that come out during the length of the current term. The upgrade license is valid until the end of the current two-year term, which is January 2021. Please also note that the cost of the maintenance is pro-rated every six months. Upgrades are no longer available for purchase for some Adobe products. 



  • Order this software using a Banner requisition. The vendor is Insight Public Sector. Their ID number is M00017597.

  • Purchase one license per machine the software will be used on.

  • Upgrades are recommended but not required.

  • Once you purchase the software via a Banner requisition, you'll receive an email from Procurement. The Computer Services Help Desk will be included on this email and will contact you regarding the installation of your Adobe software.


Please Note: Maintenance upgrades desired must be purchased in the same requisition that you purchase the software license and cannot be purchased separately or at a later date. There are no longer separate part numbers for Windows and Apple computers. Adobe software can be used on either system.

Adobe Software Pricing

Software Title Version License Cost Part Number Upgrade Cost Upgrade Code
Acrobat Professional 2020 $106.71 65310735AB01A00 $8.37 65311688AB01A06
Captivate 2019 $276.19 65294498AB01A00    
Photoshop Elements 2020 $47.07 65298821AB01A00 $5.23 65193754AB01A06
Premiere Elements 2020 $47.07 65299195AB01A00 $5.23 65194171AB01A06
Photoshop & Premiere Elements 2020 $88.55 65298877AB01A00 $8.37 65193100AB01A06
Presenter Licensed 11.1 $138.09 65287233AB01A00 $28.24 65219442AB01A06

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