How to Copy a Course

With Course Copy, you can copy all or part of the content from one course and move it over to another course. A copied course is no longer tied to the original and changes in the original course will not appear in the copied course. When you copy a course, it does not overwrite or remove any existing data in the destination course, it only adds to what is already there.

Please Note: Our best practice is to use a Master Template Course to copy to a current or future course shell, and not to copy from semester to semester.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Copy a Course

Please Note:  Be sure to begin this first step from within the Master or old course that you would like to copy content from.
  1. On your course site, under the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities, and then click Course Copy
    course copy link
  2. In the Select Copy Type section, type the Course ID (not the course name) of the course where you want to copy the materials, or select Browse to choose from a list of your courses. 
    select copy type section
  3. Under Select Course Materials, select the items from the current course that you want to copy to the new one. The image below shows the recommended selections.
    Select the items from the first course you want to copy. This is a list of suggested items. Choosing "select all" is the prefered action.
    Please Note: The default option for copying the Discussion Board is to Include starter posts for each thread in each forum (anonymized). This is not the recommended option and it means that discussion posts from your previous students will be copied to the new course and the author will be listed anonymously. Please select the option to Include only the forums, no starter posts.
  4. In the Course Files section, select the third option and then click Calculate Size to determine the size of your course file package. Make sure that your files do not exceed the 1GB limit. If it does, see How to Clean Up Course Files before proceeding.
    File Attachments menu for course copies
  5. If the Enrollments section is visible to you, be sure to leave Include Enrollments in Copy unchecked. Do not select this option. Copying enrollments does not copy grades or other user records, but you do not want to enroll previous students in your new courses.
    Enrollments section

  6. When you are finished, click Submit
  7. If the copy process has been sent to the server without errors you should get a success message on the Packages and Utilities screen. This is only a queuing notification. You will be informed via your account e-mail address once the copy is complete. This can take some time, so do not try to copy the course more than once.
    You will get a green message indicating that an email will be sent when the course copy is complete. Wait for the email before making another attempt to copy the course.
  8. Upon receiving the e-mail notification, you should log into Blackboard and verify that your content has been copied correctly. If items are missing or you have done more than one copy resulting in duplicate content, contact the Help Desk to request a bulk delete of your course so that you can start over.


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