This documentation will introduce you to the features and tools to get you started working in Blackboard Learn at Missouri State. You can find guides for basic user interface and navigation, perspectives of both the student and the instructor, overview of core tools used in Blackboard Learn, upload your syllabus, create a class announcement, and make your course available for students to view.

Articles (28)

Accessibility Features in Blackboard

Instructor guide to making course content accessible for students

Best Practices for Using Master Courses

Instructor guide of best practices when using a Master Course shell for building course materials from one semester to the next.

Blackboard Best Practices for Faculty

Instructor guide with recommended best practices for using Blackboard at Missouri State University.

Blackboard Interface Overview

Instructor overview for getting familiar with Blackboard's interface.

Course Retention Policy: How to Save a Course or Request Early Removal

Instructor guide to saving a Blackboard course that is scheduled to be deleted or requesting that a course be deleted early.

Course Roles

Instructor reference for the different types of Course Roles

End of Semester Blackboard Checklist for Faculty

Instructor guide for closing out the semester in the Blackboard learning management system.

Forward Your Course Logs to Blackboard System Administrator

Instructor guide to forwarding course logs to the Blackboard Administrator.

How to Access the Quick Link Menu

Step-by-step guide to accessing the Quick Link Menu.

How to Change the Course Menu Colors

Instructor step-by-step guide for customizing the color scheme for the Course Menu in Blackboard.

How to Change Your Blackboard Course Name

Instructor guide for changing the name of a Blackboard course.

How to Change Your Course Entry Point

Instructor guide for changing the entry point of a Blackboard Course.

How to Copy a Course

Instructor how-to guide for copying all or part of the content from a Blackboard course.

How to Edit Your Notifications in Blackboard

Guide to editing your notification settings in Blackboard.

How to Make Your Course Available or Un-Available

Instructor step-by-step guide for making a course available or un-available to students.

How to Permit and Restrict Guest Access to Your Course and Content

Step-by-step guide to permitting and restricting guest access to your course and content.

How to Show and Hide the Course Menu

Instructor guide to hiding and showing the course menu.

How to Upload a Blackboard Profile Picture

Instructions for setting a custom avatar image in Blackboard Learn.

How to Use Date Management

Instructor guide to changing all the content and tool dates in your course.

How to Use the Quick Setup Guide

Instructor guide to using the Quick Setup feature to choose the structure of your course.

Introduction to Blackboard Learn

A brief overview of Blackboard Learn and how it is used at Missouri State.

My Blackboard Calendar

This step-by-step guide will assist users in staying up to date on assignments and due dates for Blackboard courses.

Navigating Blackboard

Instructor guide to getting logged in to Blackboard, navigating between courses, and changing the course language pack.

Quick Troubleshooting Tips for Blackboard Instructors

Instructor guide with quick troubleshooting tips for using Blackboard.

Student Preview Mode

Guide to using Student Preview mode in Blackboard.

System Requirements for Blackboard

Instructor guide to browsers that best support the Blackboard interface.

Troubleshooting Blackboard

Guide to common problems and solutions for troubleshooting Blackboard.

Using the Content Editor

Overview of the features available in the Content Editor in Blackboard.