How to Use the Class Dashboard to Request Blackboard Courses

The Class Dashboard in My Missouri State allows instructors of record to request a Blackboard Learn course in advance to begin designing their instruction for upcoming semesters. The Class Dashboard allows you to request individual as well as combined Blackboard courses, and you can also use the Class Dashboard to request Master Courses.

Please Note: If the instructor of record does not request a Blackboard course from the Class Dashboard prior to the start of the semester, one will be automatically be generated with a default template created by Blackboard administrators. This process runs one week before classes begin, which is usually the Monday before the start of the semester. We recommend that instructors request their courses at least two weeks before the start of the semester so that they can choose their desired course template and request combined courses if needed.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Request Your Blackboard Courses

Please Note: If you plan to use a combined Blackboard course, do not request the individual sections as instructed below. See How to Combine Courses in Blackboard for instructions.
  1. To access the Class Dashboard, you can use this link:
  2. You can also access the Class Dashboard link through the My Missouri State portal on the Faculty Schedule & Assignments card.
    faculty schedule and assignments card
  3. On the Class Dashboard page, select Blackboard from the Option menu.
    Option menu on the Class Dashboard
  4. Select the term for the courses you want to create in Blackboard.
    Term menu on the Class Dashboard
  5. Click Submit Search.
    Submit Search button on the Class Dashboard
  6. The Blackboard Options page lists all of the courses you are assigned to for the selected term. Select the check box to the left of the course name for each class you want to have a Blackboard course for. Please do not "Select All" if you do not use Blackboard for all of your courses. Only select the courses you will actually use in Blackboard. 
    Select checkbox next to classes that you would like to use inside Blackboard
  7. Click Submit to Blackboard.
  8. Select a course template from the drop-down list. The template will apply to all courses selected and cannot be changed once submitted. If you need help deciding which template to use, see How to Choose a Blackboard Template.
    Template selection menu
  9. Click Submit. You will receive an email after submitting, and your courses will be created within a few hours. 
Please Note: It typically takes at least 2-4 hours before the requested courses appear on Blackboard. However, this process can take up to 48 hours.



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