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Services or Offerings?
Faculty can request that a student with an Incomplete be added to their current Blackboard course.

Users may request a shell for a non-academic course or organization.

Get help with accessing the patron ILL system to create new ILL requests or view status on existing requests.

Faculty and other users responsible for the management of Blackboard courses may request support.

Request to have email forwarded to non-Missouri State email address.

New University employees with existing student accounts must request an employee account.

This is for requesting maintenance or supplies for SCUF-funded/managed printers.

Request access to a Missouri State system or application.

Request a Minitab license.

Request an SPSS license, or a renewal license code, for academic, non-commercial use.

Request a PC SAS license for academic, non-commercial use.

Request a license for Zoom video conferencing software.

Request a new departmental or organizational mailbox.

Request an MSU account for a non-paid university guest.

Submit a request to change your email alias.