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Services or Offerings?
Request help with issues related to the Class Dashboard.

Home Device Access is designed for connecting home-class devices with limited access.

Services related to the installation, maintenance, and in-class support of the Instructional TV Studio and Control Room (STRO-0150, STRO-0151) in the media, journalism, and film department and the specialized computers, broadcast audiovisual equipment, inter-cable network, and infrastructure housed therein

Request assistance or report an error with the My Missouri State portal.

Full-time University employees may request a DHCP reservation or static IP for their server or other networked equipment.

Request assistance or report an error with EvaluationKIT.

Report and issue or a submit a suggestion for the Service Portal page, Service Catalog, or Knowledge Base.

Request support or report an error related to Argos, Bear Intelligence, Bear Finance, or general requests for data and reports.

Request a PC SAS license for academic, non-commercial use.

Users may request a shell for a non-academic course or organization.