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Services or Offerings?
Request support or report an error related to Banner systems.

Students may request support for Blackboard.

Services related to the Student Print Shop (BRK1-0305), 3D printing, and all other related printing services in the art and design department

Faculty can request that a student with an Incomplete be added to their current Blackboard course.

New University employees with existing student accounts must request an employee account.

Access to the MSU and MSU Residential networks are intended for students, faculty and staff.

Open Access appears in limited locations and is designed for prospective students and their families.

All services related to the procurement, licensing, and deployment of Adobe software

This is for new and replacement BearPass Card printing in the Open-Access Library Computer Lab.

Request academic software support for university-owned and personal computers.

Request a Minitab license.

Request a PC SAS license for academic, non-commercial use.

Request a license for Zoom video conferencing software.

For assistance with Office 365 email and calendar issues (desktop/lap, web, or mobile apps).

An Internet connection that is not part of the MSU campus network and has fewer restrictions.