How to Send Email from your Faculty Class Lists

You can email your entire class or individual students from the Class List. 

Learn how to find cards in My Missouri State here: Searching for Cards and Links

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Email Your Class

  1. Log into My Missouri State and search for the Faculty Schedule & Assignments card.
  2. Click on the Class Dashboard link.
    Faculty Schedule & Assignments Card
  3. On the Class Dashboard, choose the term. Select Class List from the Option drop-down, and then select View My Classes
    Class Dashboard Page
  4. Click Submit Search. Once you've submitted, you will see a list of your classes.
    Class list
  5. You can email your entire class by selecting the Email icon on the Class Dashboard.
    Email Icon

How to Email Individual Students

  1. In your Class List, click in the check box next to the student's name to select the student.
    Check box next to student name
  2. Select the Email icon to the left of the search field. 
    Email icon


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