How to use the Media Wizard to add Files to Exam Author

One of the more powerful features in Respondus is the ease in which media (e.g., images, audio clips, video clips), attachments (e.g., spreadsheets) and links can be added to exams. Media content can be added to question wordings, answer choices, and feedback without writing or viewing HTML.

You can use the Media Wizard to import the following:

  • Images
  • Audio Files
  • Video Files
  • Word Documents
  • PDF files

Step-by-Step Guide

How to use the Media Wizard to add files to Exam Author

  1. From the Edit menu, click in the area of a new question where you want to add a media file.
    The most logical place for a media file is in the question wording (see the example below). However, you could also place a media file in the feedback section of a question.

  2. Click the Media button.You will see the Media WizardMedia button

  3. Select whether you want to upload a file or link to a file on the Internet, and then click Next.
    Do you want to upload a file or link to a file pop-up

    If you selected External Media, your next screen on the wizard will look like the image below:
    Select type of media file pop-up

  4. Select the type of media you will add to the question, and then click Next.
    Select type of media file

  5. Follow the steps for the type of media you selected. I selected an image file, so I will need to browse for the file, type alternate text, and then click Next.
    attach image file

  6. View the formatting, change anything if you need, and then click Finish.
    Attach image file

  7. After adding the media, finish the question by adding it to the list.  You will notice the new question has a media file icon in its question wording. To view the question as it appears to students, click the Preview button.
    question list


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