How to Add a Question to a Test

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Add a Question to a Test

Adding a standard question

  1. Go to the course that the test is in.
  2. Click Course Tools on the bottom left of the page under Control Panel.
    course tools link
  3. Click Tests, Surveys, and Pools
    tests, surveys, and pools link
  4. Click tests.
  5. Hover over the test you want to edit and click the drop down arrow. Click Edit.
    edit link
  6. Hover over Create Question to view the drop down box.
    create question button
  7. Choose your question type.
  8. Fill out the question information.
  9. Click Submit.

Adding a default question

  1. In a content area, click the down arrow next to a Peer and Self Assessment and click Edit.
  2. Select Assessment Canvas.
    Access the Assessmnet Canvas by editing a Peer and Self Assessment you've created.

  3. From the Assessment Canvas, click Search for Questions.
    search for questions button
  4. Type a key word in the Search for Question field and click Go. Alternately, leave the field blank and click Go to display all default questions.
    Go button
  5. Click the check box next to a question to add it to your assessment.
    questions and criteria search results
  6. When you have chosen all the questions you want, click Submit.


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